Turn Competitors Into Cash Machines For Your Community

Learn how you can collaborate with competitors using affiliate marketing.
About the Speaker

Matt McWilliams

Matt helps online business owners make money as an affiliate and leverage the power of affiliate partners to grow their business.
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About this video

Matt McWilliams reveals a surprising approach to affiliate marketing by showing how to collaborate with competitors effectively. He outlines four ingenious ways to work with rivals as affiliates. Firstly, he suggests using an upsell strategy, where you offer a more comprehensive product after they promote your basic one, creating a win-win scenario. Conversely, the downsell approach involves offering a specific, cheaper course to non-buyers or long-term subscribers, generating revenue from untapped segments of your audience. Matt also highlights the power of niche-within-a-niche partnerships, showcasing how you can cross-promote products to a targeted audience, even if they overlap with your competitor's offerings.

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