About Us

We're building a world where anyone can jump online and find the place they are accepted as their true self.

To do this, we're building Heartbeat to empower great community builders and creators focused on genuine relationship building.

What we value

1. Dedication to craft

We each may start at different points in our journey — but this obsession with continuous learning and improvement brings us together.

2. Constant curiosity

We're not content with just sitting in our corner — we're looking to constantly learn and experience more to better shape our world view.

3. Deep Empathy

Success comes when we listen, understand, and grow from the struggles of others in a different place than we are. This shared empathy makes our team stronger and more impactful in the long run.

4. Having fun

What's the point of all this work if you aren't actually having actually fun? Work is a massive chunk of our lives and at Heartbeat, we believe there's no reason we can't enjoy the work we're doing with a fun group of people.

Meet our team

Our Investors

Heartbeat is backed by investors
who've built the fabric of today's internet.

Paige Craig

Early investor in Lyft, Bird, Twitter, Wish, and Postmates

Mike Edelhart

Early investor in Pinterest, Mashable, and Lambda School

Want to join the movement?

Humans have over 10,000 years of experience connecting in person... and just 20 or so years of experience doing that online.

At Heartbeat, we're not just trying to shift in-person relationships to the internet — we're reimagining how people live and learn and connect online.

Together, let's build a more thoughtful and inclusive internet.