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A true all-in-one platform.

Ditch your frankensteined software stack for a platform that's built for communities from the ground up.

With all the tools you need.

The right features to support every facet of your community.

Built to supercharge community growth.

Every line of code written to help you build a vibrant & thriving community.

Image of our customer, Timi Dayo-Kayode.

Timi Dayo-Kayode


We planned to use Slack & Zoom for Kinfolq, and eventually build our own community platform. After seeing Heartbeat, I scrapped that. Heartbeat does almost everything I'd want in a community platform and the team is constantly pushing out new features & tech. As a solo-founder, it feels like I have an engineering partner taking care of everything I need.

Picture of our customer, Tina Hrabak.

Tina Hrabak

Future Founders

When it came time to bring together the different communities we serve, Heartbeat was the clear winner. It's not just a communication tool — it houses resources for our staff and founders, hosts our program calendars, and most importantly, creates shared learning across all the members in our community. When our team went remote during Covid, Heartbeat made us all feel a little closer.

Photo of our customer, Jasmine Sun.

Jasmine Sun


Heartbeat is shockingly full featured: integrations, user groups, docs, chats, and all without the headache of manual add-ins. Thank god Heartbeat saved me from asking people to join another Slack group!

We get it.

Because we've been there.

Hi, I'm Murtaza — one of the founders of Heartbeat.

I was the Head of Community at Georgia Tech's accelerator, Create-X. At +70 companies and +200 founders per cohort, it's the largest accelerator on the east coast — during my time there, I helped our companies raise over $10 million in funding.

It takes a village to accomplish something massive. So I wanted to build a strong community of founders, who were deeply connected by genuine, personal friendships instead of shallow, business relationships.

We started with Slack. Added in Notion. Then Airtable. And a Wordpress site. A small affair with Microsoft Teams. A wink at Discord. And so many others.

But with each new tool, it became more and more obvious — these tools weren't made for us. New tools became a distraction. The more tools I used, the less my community responded. I was at the mercy of my tools, not empowered by them.

So good news, the magic’s still there. Through all the video calls with grandma, virtual proposals, and family group texts we've experienced over the last year, it's clear just how much good technology can bring us together. It's just buried under a mess of bad habits & neglect.

Communities deserve a leap forward. Updated for the way we live and learn and connect in 2021.

At Heartbeat, we're doing just that: building everything from first principles and handing you the keys.

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Murtaza Bambot
Founder, Heartbeat

Photo of CEO Murtaza Bambot

Effortless integrations.

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Photo of our customer, Julia Campbell.

Heartbeat stands head and shoulders above anything else we've used for our fellowship community.

Julia Campbell, ArchGrants

Photo of our customer, Rahul Saxena.

Heartbeat is solving our problem of community engagement by making easy and organized interactions. With our founders spread across the world, it's a great platform for making the community feel engaged.

Rahul Saxena, Create-X

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