Community Setup Service

Pay a $500 one-time fee & meet with a community expert. We'll setup your perfect Heartbeat space for you!

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We offer a 30-day refund policy on all setups!
If you're not happy with your experience, let us know & we'll refund your payment.
How it works

Our Simple Process

Fill Out the Form

Tell us about your ideal setup & what you need to get your community launched

Meet with an Expert

Jump on a 30 minute Zoom call with a Heartbeat Expert who will build your space.

We Build It

We'll put together the community — channels, groups, payments, and more!

Ready to Use

You'll get a community that ready for you! We allow up to 1 revision for your space.

Setup Limitations: We'll setup all the Channels, Groups, and Payments you need to launch your community.

We do have limitations on Documents, Events, and Courses. Since a lot of this is more about migrating & formatting content from existing locations, we'll focus on building out the skeleton (so you can keep migrating content & not worry about access/visibility issues)

Course, Document, and Event Limitation Details:

  • Courses: We'll create up to one course with 2 lessons — for additional lessons, we'll provide the skeleton so you can migrate your own content.
  • Documents: We'll create unlimited Document Sections, but will migrate & format up to 2 documents only. We'll also add in several how-to docs to help your members get the most out of your community.
  • Events: We'll migrate up to 2 events & set them up with correct permissions within Heartbeat. Event permissions are saved for each event, so you'll be able to make new events with the same settings.

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