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Drip Lessons

Maximize completions with drip releases

Pre-schedule & drip course content over time to create healthy learning habits that boost engagement.
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Evergreen Courses & Free Lessons

Launch courses that sell themselves

Tease your evergreen courses with free ‘sneak-peak’ lessons and allow members to purchase them while you sleep.
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Cohort-Based Courses

Connect further with live lectures & public assignments

Launch cohort-based courses with live lectures, public assignments, cohort management, drip lessons, and more.
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Native Video Hosting

Secure, fast, and reliable video hosting

Upload videos & safely host them with authentication checks, download prevention, and unlimited replays.
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“Heartbeat has become the central hub of our school.

We moved all of our courses — over 1000 lessons — onto Heartbeat and built space for our morning meetups and evening storytelling experiences.

It’s replaced almost all of our socials and become the place where our students truly feel at home.”
Danijel Salijevic
Founder of Reiki Dojo center

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