Why You Should Never Offer Your Paid Services for Free

Discover why your beta community should be paid rather than free.
About the Speaker

Tatiana Figueiredo

Community strategist helping course creators and membership community leaders build profitable & fulfilling community businesses.
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About this video

In this video, Caitie Gehlhausen and Tatiana Figueiredo address crucial questions from community builders. They discuss the challenges of transitioning from a free community to a beta group and share valuable insights on the process. Tatiana emphasizes the importance of treating the beta group as a separate entity and not relying solely on the existing free community. They explore the issue of people expecting free access and provide strategies to overcome pushback from potential paid members. Additionally, they offer advice on providing exceptional value and building confidence in the value of your offerings. Discover how to leverage your expertise, connect clients, and design a community that fulfills their specific needs.

Video Transcript