Align Your Values with Community Goals

Learn to align your community value to the pain points it solves for your tribe.
About the Speaker

Doc Williams

I help communities grow and do things faster, so they can save time and make more money.
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About this video

In this video, Doc Williams and Murtaza Bambot discuss the importance of conducting reconnaissance and understanding your competition when determining pricing for your community. Doc emphasizes the benefits of going premium, positioning yourself as the authority in your industry, and offering a superior experience. They highlight the significance of anchoring your price based on industry standards while emphasizing that you don't have to undercut competitors' prices. Instead, focus on being the best in class and delivering exceptional value to your community. The duo also explores the alternative approach of offering lower prices for communities in the early stages, aligning the pricing with the story of growth and learning together. They emphasize the importance of aligning the value of your community with the pain points it solves for your tribe, allowing you to set a pricing structure that reflects the transformative impact and aligns with their goals.

Video Transcript