Unlock Leadership Rewards in Your Community

Learn how to incentivize leaders in your community with non-financial rewards.
About the Speaker

Bri Leever & Laura Zug

Bri Leever and Laura Zug are community experts that run an accelerator based on 6 themes of community strategy to create highly engaged members.
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About this video

Bri Leever and Laura Zug dive deep into the art of rewarding community leaders. They explore various non-financial rewards that can motivate and recognize community members who rise up in leadership roles. They emphasize the power of recognition and ritual, sharing examples of how these rituals can create a sense of belonging and appreciation within a community. Laura suggests that promotion, extra calls, and exclusive access to certain resources or products can be enticing rewards for community leaders. Bri further discusses the value of gamification and unique titles that come with perks, turning leaders into thought leaders.

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