Where To Find the Best Affiliates For Your Community

Learn where to find affiliates that will resonate with your offering.
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Matt McWilliams

Matt helps online business owners make money as an affiliate and leverage the power of affiliate partners to grow their business.
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About this video

Matt McWilliams challenges the prevailing belief that affiliate marketing success hinges on knowing the right people and participating in reciprocal promotions. He shares his own journey of starting a business with no connections and achieving remarkable results, proving that you don't need to be part of the "cool kids" club. Matt introduces a strategy that has worked for thousands of individuals, highlighting the success story of Alex Putnam, who went from a complete nobody to an industry leader in just nine months, without knowing anyone. He emphasizes the importance of starting affiliate recruitment at least six months in advance and consistently recruiting affiliates. Matt provides valuable tips on where to find potential affiliates, including forums, groups, and even competitor's programs, and offers insights into reaching out to them effectively.

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