"Pay What You Can" Pricing

Discover the benefits & pitfalls of "pay what you can" pricing structures for communities.
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Doc Williams

I help communities grow and do things faster, so they can save time and make more money.
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About this video

In this tutorial video, Doc Williams and Murtaza Bambot discuss the concept of allowing community members and clients to define their own pricing. They delve into the potential pros and cons of implementing a "choose what you want" option in practice. Discover why giving too much power to community members may set the wrong standards and affect the overall dynamics of your community. While "choose what you want" pricing may seem appealing for accessibility, it can pose challenges to revenue predictability. Learn alternative approaches like scholarships and structured discounts that benefit disadvantaged individuals while maintaining reliability in your business. Join the conversation with industry experts as they share their insights on pricing strategies for community builders.

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