Mapping the Perfect Community: A Terrarium-Inspired Guide

Learn how mapping your community programs can kickstart and inspire your members.
About the Speaker

Bri Leever & Laura Zug

Bri Leever and Laura Zug are community experts that run an accelerator based on 6 themes of community strategy to create highly engaged members.
Heartbeat is the all-in-one platform for community businesses.
About this video

Bri Leever introduces a compelling analogy for community building – the terrarium ecosystem. She emphasizes that like a terrarium creates boundaries, online communities establish a contained ecosystem where relationships and value thrive. Each organism in this ecosystem plays a unique role, supporting others just by being there. The critical factor is creating the right conditions for your community to flourish. Using the power of this analogy, she explores two essential frameworks for community management, starting with the community ecosystem map. This map categorizes community programs into three primary pillars: events, conversation, and content, and aligns them with three primary call-to-actions: getting started, getting help, and getting inspired.

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