The Cult-Like Strategy Changing Brands Forever

Learn what it means to build in public.
About the Speaker

Karthik Puvvada (KP)

Karthik Puvvada (known by his friends and online as "KP") is a 5x founder, podcast host, angel investor, advisor, coach and a leader of the "build in public" movement.
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About this video

KP delves into the concept of "building in public," explaining that it's an intentional practice of creating content that shares your journey with openness and vulnerability as it unfolds. This practice is the future of marketing and brand building, despite its unpopularity among the majority. Building in public organically attracts like-minded individuals who share your values and worldviews, eventually becoming not just customers but potential co-founders, investors, employees, and supporters. KP emphasizes that in the world of tech and beyond, having a product alone is no longer enough; distribution is king, and building in public is a potent way to achieve it, citing successful experiences in their own ventures.

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