Use This 20/80 Content Rule To Master Engagement

Discover the right time to switch from 80% new content to 80% repurposed content.
About the Speaker

Karthik Puvvada (KP)

Karthik Puvvada (known by his friends and online as "KP") is a 5x founder, podcast host, angel investor, advisor, coach and a leader of the "build in public" movement.
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About this video

In this video, KP reveals his strategy for managing and repurposing Twitter content over time. He explains his shift from 80% real-time tweeting to 80% content repurposing. KP highlights the importance of engaging with your community and peers on Twitter to build your following initially. He emphasizes that while thought leadership matters, early engagement with others is the key to growing your presence on the platform. KP's approach offers valuable insights for anyone looking to optimize their Twitter content strategy and steadily build their online presence.

Video Transcript