Leverage Your Audience As A Voice of Customer Tool

Learn how to use your voice of customer to inform marketing strategy.
About the Speaker

Bri Leever & Laura Zug

Bri Leever and Laura Zug are community experts that run an accelerator based on 6 themes of community strategy to create highly engaged members.
Heartbeat is the all-in-one platform for community businesses.
About this video

Discover an innovative approach to community marketing that transforms your community into a powerful flywheel. Laura and Bri emphasize the value of your community as a voice of customer tool, extracting feedback, insights, and preferences. They discuss the synergy between your community and your audience, demonstrating how your community's questions can shape your content strategy and messaging. The video delves into key strategies for marketing and advertising your community, including the importance of a website, social media channels, collaborations, and email marketing.

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