🌱 Feedback Corner

Create a space for members to request and receive feedback.

What's included


🌱 feedback corner


🌱 Feedback Fridays (Weekly)

This is a great fit if...

✅ Members want to improve in a specific area

✅ Your members work towards similar goals

✅ Members are supportive & help each other

This is a poor fit if...

❌ Learning isn't a core part of your community

❌ Members can't give useful feedback

Automation Setup

Here's a quick video to walk you through all your automation setup 👇👇👇

How to run & manage this experience


1. Make a post in 🌱 feedback corner before your first Feedback Friday.

Encourage people to join & sell the value to them! Most people aren’t used to having structured feedback sessions like this, so you’ll need to communicate how much they can learn from the work of others.

2. Direct message your most active members.

If you’re worried about people showing up, just shoot over a couple DMs to members that are more likely to show! This will get the ball rolling for other members to RSVP to the event as they see the guest list grow.


1. Kick-off the event.

Thank everyone for being there. Play some lo-fi music in the beginning (you can “screenshare” audio in zoom) as people trickle in to set the tone for the call.

Remind everyone that this is a relaxed, fun event. Creating this relaxed environment makes people much more open to receiving and truly internalizing the feedback they’ll get during this event. Turning this into a BYOB event is pretty popular! 🍻

Bonus: Highlight some great activity in the community! You can create a quick slide deck with screenshots from the community thanking specific members for being helpful and solving problems for others.

2. Dive into the first feedback request.

Start off by gathering all the information you need to provide relevant feedback.

  • Allow the member to explain what they’ve done/accomplished
  • Have the member explain what specifically they’re looking to improve on
  • Open the floor for clarifying questions from the community. This time is ONLY for clarifying q’s, not for giving answers. Any answers should politely cut-off by you, and told to hold it for the solutions section.

3. Begin sharing feedback.

Now that you’ve give the member enough time to fully explain the problem & given everyone else in the room the full context around the problem, it’s time to offer feedbcak! Work with the rest of the community to offer constructive criticism. Remember, as the community leader, you voice takes up more space than others’ — try to leave space for other community members to offer feedback before offering them yourself.

Bonus: If you’re worried about overly-prescriptive advice (often the case in business-oriented communities) require that all solutions be framed in terms of personal experiences.

  • ❌ ”You should do A, B, and C.”
  • ✅ ”Last time I was in a similar position, I did A, B, and C.”

6. Run through each feedback request.

Repeat steps 2 & 3 for each problem the member listed on their application. Use chat to queue up the next feedback requests.

7. In the last 10 minutes, solidify the learnings in chat.

“Can everyone drop one this in the chat that they learned or found insightful during this call?”

Bonus: Take a group picture at the end of the call! This is a fun ritual & gives you an image you can share into the community after the call, to excite people for the next one. For Heartbeat events, we have all our members make a heart with their hands & then screenshot the zoom room 💖


1. Post a recap thread.

This is for everyone that missed the event. Include 3-4 highlights from the call, shoutout particularly helpful members using @mentions, and link to the next Feedback Fridays call using the “$” notion. Include a group pic from the call if you took one! This will create a little more FOMO to motivate people to join the next call!

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