Uncover The Truth About Building a Thriving Community in 2023

Learn why your purpose statement is the foundation of your community.
About the Speaker

Bri Leever & Laura Zug

Bri Leever and Laura Zug are community experts that run an accelerator based on 6 themes of community strategy to create highly engaged members.
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About this video

Laura Zug & Bri Leever delve into the essential aspects of creating and maintaining successful online communities. They emphasize the importance of looking beyond the surface-level metrics like member engagement and focus on the underlying strategy. Building a self-sustaining community requires directing members toward intrinsic motivation. The speaker provides six key frameworks for community success, starting with crafting a clear community purpose statement. This statement should specify the who, how, and why of your community's existence, making it more specific and attracting like-aminded members. By creating a well-defined purpose statement, you can build a vibrant community that drives meaningful change in its members' lives and beyond.

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