The Power of Making Mistakes Public: A Bold Approach to Authenticity

Learn why being open about your mistakes can build a strong community following.
About the Speaker

Karthik Puvvada (KP)

Karthik Puvvada (known by his friends and online as "KP") is a 5x founder, podcast host, angel investor, advisor, coach and a leader of the "build in public" movement.
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About this video

KP discusses the evolving landscape of the internet and encourages authenticity, vulnerability, and embracing mistakes while building in public. He distinguishes three corners of internet content: AI-generated, inauthentic flexing, and authentic, relatable content. KP advocates for being part of the latter, showcasing that realness has the potential to stand out in a crowded digital space. He emphasizes the importance of sharing struggles, failures, and being open about vulnerabilities, highlighting examples from his own journey and others like Alex Lieberman. Embracing authenticity and owning up to mistakes can boost credibility, authority, and trustworthiness in the online world.

Video Transcript