Affiliate Marketing Lies That Are Hurting Your Business

Learn what is often misunderstood about the need for affiliate programs.
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Matt McWilliams

Matt helps online business owners make money as an affiliate and leverage the power of affiliate partners to grow their business.
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About this video

Matt McWilliams debunks a common misconception about affiliate programs that could be stifling your business growth. He begins by sharing a story of an entrepreneur who believed he didn't need an affiliate program, despite the potential for exponential growth. Matt emphasizes the danger of relying solely on platforms like Facebook, as it can lead to disaster when they shut down or change algorithms. He stresses that the scalability, minimal risk, and easy targeting offered by affiliate programs can revolutionize your business. Matt debunks the belief that certain niches can't support affiliate programs, emphasizing that they work effectively across all industries. Lastly, he hints at why hiring an affiliate manager might not be necessary, promising further insights on this topic later in the video.

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