Why Feeding an Audience Does NOT Cultivate Community

Learn how breaking down member actions and rewards systems transform engagement.
About the Speaker

Bri Leever & Laura Zug

Bri Leever and Laura Zug are community experts that run an accelerator based on 6 themes of community strategy to create highly engaged members.
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About this video

Bri and Laura use powerful analogies to reshape your perspective on community management. They liken the transition from constantly feeding content to nurturing a community as a shift from industrial farming to permaculture. They emphasize the importance of breaking down member actions into smaller, manageable steps and implementing prompts, support, and non-financial rewards to drive engagement. The video also highlights the significance of recognizing and affirming members for their contributions, emphasizing that small, consistent steps and recognition are key to building trust, connection, and loyalty in your community.

Video Transcript