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Great communities deserve world-class tools

Your existing tools don't talk to each other & create hours of busy work for you.

Launch a thriving community
in days, not weeks.

Heartbeat automates the busy-work so you can launch your community faster.

Get members to their magic moment 10x faster

Host everything in one place, so members can get instant value from your community. Conversations, content, events, courses, and more.

Collect payments &
upsell on autopilot

Start charging for payments in minutes. Use our launch pages, upsells, and affiliate program tools to sell memberships in your sleep.

Customize infinitely

Completely tailor your community experience for different membership types, cohorts, or programs with Heartbeat Groups.

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What's in the box?

"Heartbeat is the swiss army knife of community platforms. Every feature, functionality, and tool I've ever wanted is there in Heartbeat — so I can focus on the actual work of building a community."

Timi Dayo-Kayode

Founder, Kinfolq


Effortless 1-click integrations with the tools you already use


Instantly connect Heartbeat to thousands of tools


Collect 1-time or recurring payments within Heartbeat

Google Calendar

Automate event creation, invites, reminders, & more


Run calls, track attendance, & save recordings in-app


Sync your Notion pages to Heartbeat docs


Track engagement, attendance, and more

Need to build on Heartbeat's API?

Build custom flows for signups, events, bots, and more!

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"Heartbeat is shockingly full featured: integrations, user groups, docs, chats, and all without the headache of manual add-ins. Thank god Heartbeat saved me from asking people to join another Slack group!"

Jasmine Sun

Founder, Reboot Fellowship

Super-charged community management

Your personal assistant for thoughtful, intentional community management.

Community Scaffolding

Use pre-built workflows to onboard members, ramp up relationships via Match-Ups, organize events, and more.


Instantly find your consistent hand-raisers, at-risk community members, and areas for improvement.

In-App Payments

Charge 1-time, annual, monthly, or installment-based payments, event ticket sales, and more.

And so much more...

Voice Rooms
Video & Screensharing
Groups & Sub-groups
Presence Indicators
Permanent Invite Links
Automated Intros
Voice Rooms
Embedded Videos
Full Member Directory
Moderation Tools
Move Threads
Access Management
Weekly Digest Emails
iOS & Android Apps
Embedded Videos
Full Member Directory
Channel Grouping
Loom Embeds
Customizable Onboarding
Threaded Conversations
Mute Members
Push Notifications
Youtube Embeds
Channel Grouping
Loom Embeds
Custom Colors
File Uploads
Desktop App
Custom Emojis
Custom Domains
Attendance Tracking
Full API Documentation
Custom Colors
File Uploads

What our customers say

Join 5,000+ community builders around the world.

There's a threaded message board, you can host events, have courses... and the platform is cute. I've muddled my way through many company's onboarding systems, I have to say Heartbeat's onboarding is THE BEST.

I’ve been trying to decide on where to host my community for sometime. Thus far, Heartbeat chat seems like the winner. My community platform search is finally over.

I've just started playing around with Heartbeat and the possibilities are mind-blowing. Threads, courses, events, voice and video rooms and automated everything! I'll be redirecting my community here for sure.

After stressing for days and hours with other community apps, I landed on Heartbeat and am so thankful. I had my site up in about two hours with no frustration!

Your community can give your business the momentum it needs to grow faster and Heartbeat is the best platform and price that I have found out there.

If you’re a coach, a creator, someone who runs a facebook group or has a community and is looking for a NEW home, this is where you want to be.

I am sincerely impressed with the support and thoughtfulness of this product. It's easy on the eyes, it's brandable, and the whole experience is exactly what I want.

I've told all of my community building friends and colleagues. Heartbeat has everything you need. Plus great responsive, honest, kind support. I am in love.

Heartbeat has this community thing all figured out and it's only gonna get better moving forward! I've searched for a very long time for a platform that would allow my community to feel truly at home and Heartbeat has successfully done it!

I paid for a similar platform several years ago that I still haven't implemented because I found it confusing and overwhelming to setup. Heartbeat had me up and running in no time!

I am super impressed with Heartbeat and with the levels of service and commitment. If you are looking at building a community on an independent platform - THIS IS FOR YOU!

I am amazed by all the things you can do with Heartbeat. I was looking for a tool I could use for my courses and community. And Heartbeat is that tool and more!

Think slack, google docs, google drive, LMS course builder, a lite version of audio/video/desktop sharing hangouts, freemium, and/or premium all on one intuitive platform.

I've tried other community platforms. This one stands head and shoulders above even the ones that you would recognize as being top of class. Don't pass up on this one. It's a keeper.

Heartbeat is so ridiculously good! I played around with it the whole day, and it is just amazing. Super well-thought UX UI, great features, nice experience, 6 out of 5 stars.

Heartbeat is so far above most community apps. I have fallen in love with the simplicity, the creative abilities, and support. The pricing that is offered is a steal. Getting this product for me is a game changer.

I'm working on a new site and wanted to include a private community. Heartbeat gives me everything I need for that, it's intuitive to use, and has unique features I haven't seen elsewhere!

You could launch your community this week.


"Heartbeat is the app you'll have open 24/7 because it's so central to how your community functions."

Tina Hrabak

Director of Startups,
Future Founders

"Heartbeat stands head and shoulders above anything else we've used for our fellowship community."

Julia Campbell

Director of Programs, Arch Grants