"Shockingly full-featured"
Jasmine Sun, Reboot Fellowship
"Heartbeat is mind-blowing"
Alyssa Gill, Backstage Capital
"This team is incredibly fast"
Courtney Klick, Community Magic

Transform your community
into a profitable business

💬 Threads & Chats. Foster engaging conversations with your members.
Replaces Slack, Discord, Facebook Groups
🎓 Courses. Design evergreen learning experiences & cohort-based courses.
Replaces Kajabi, Thinkific, Podia
🗓 Events. Host private & public events, track attendance, automate reminders.
Replaces Eventbrite, Meetup, Luma
📝 Documents. Host content, saved threads, recordings, links, HTML embeds, and more.
Replaces Notion, Google Drive
🤝 Match-Ups. Personalize, schedule, & automate member match-ups.
Replaces Donut, Meetsy
💰 Payments. Manage subscriptions, multiple tiers, paid events, and more.
Replaces MemberPress, WooCommerce

Built-in growth,
Built-in engagement

Growth Features

Bring in new members & rapidly grow revenue.

Engagement Features

Easily build conversation, connection, and retain members.

Integrations that automate
away the busy-work


Use our full-featured Zapier integration to automate & connect your community to +5000 other tools without any code.
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Run calls, track attendance, & save recordings


Easily collect payments & monetize memberships


Import & sync Notion pages into Heartbeat docs

Google Calendar

Auto-publish public & private events to GCal

Outlook Calendar

Auto-publish public & private events to Outlook


Connect Heartbeat to +1000 tools without code

Go further with Heartbeat's API

Easily configure webhooks, connect Heartbeat to custom software, and accelerate your community building with our feature-rich API.
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"Every feature, functionality, and tool I've ever wanted is there in Heartbeat — so I can focus on the actual work of building a community."
Timi Dayo-Kayode, Kinfolq
"Heartbeat stands head and shoulders above anything else we've used for our fellowship community."
Julia Campbell, Arch Grants

Join forces with +1500
other community builders

🧠 Expert tutorials every 2 weeks

Learn from the best community builders in world — community pricing, engagement strategies, growth tactics, and more!

⭐️ Community showcases every month

Peek into the most engaged & profitable communities on Heartbeat — led by the community creator themselves.

🙏 Get help from others, any time of the day

Get near-instant help from our generous, global community of creators.
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Resources to
help you build faster

📚 Heartbeat User Guide

Videos guides & best practices for every feature in Heartbeat.
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🎓 Heartbeat University

Free tutorials to teach you the skills to building a thriving community.
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⭐️ Showcase Communities

Video tours of successful Heartbeat communities, led by their creators.
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Launch a thriving community
in days, not weeks

Engage members 10X faster

Bring conversations, content, events, courses, and more under 1 roof to concentrate engagement.

Collect payment within minutes

Set up paid tiers, upsells, payment pages, & a full paid affiliate program to sell memberships in your sleep.

Customize infinitely

Completely tailor your community experience for different membership types, cohorts, programs, and more.

You could launch this week. Seriously.

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