Supercharge deep relationships building

  • Match-ups instantly connect community members for 1:1 conversations
  • We connect your members through tailored emails sent on your behalf
  • Create match-up groups of 2 or 3 & Heartbeat takes care of the rest

Set & forget

  • Schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly match-ups to run at preset times
  • Create matching pools with Heartbeat User Groups to manage how members connect
  • Break down event analytics by group

Personalized email intros to increase engagement

  • Write tailored match-up emails to fit your community culture
  • Use intelligent merge tags to personalize email introduction
  • Heartbeat intros are designed to look like a personal email from you to your members

Track Engagement

  • Completed match-ups in Heartbeat voice rooms are logged automatically
  • Members can self-report match-up completions & send feedback
  • Sync data back to Salesforce, Zapier connections, or through the Heartbeat API