Create & host
Notion-style documents

  • Customize docs with all the building blocks you need (headers, images, text-styling, embeds)
  • Youtube & Loom embeds to display video in Heartbeat

1-click convert popular threads to documents

  • Turn great discussions into long-lasting content
  • Live links between threads & documents sync comments, reactions, & more
  • Curate discussion instead of spending hours writing content from scratch

Easily manage access with Heartbeat Groups

  • Tie document sections to specific groups to manage edit & view permissions
  • Instantly updates document access when members are added to the correct group

Quickly hot-link & share documents

  • Type “$” in comments, threads, and chats to instantly reference any document in Heartbeat
  • Save time & ensure your community members get access to the docs they need

Organize your community's knowledge

  • Nest documents just like in Notion
  • Easily organize content for your community & create a knowledge hub for them in Heartbeat.